Message from Chairman

As I look back over the last five years, I feel a great sense of pride and I am immensely thankful to different stakeholders for our success. At Softy, safety and comfort is at our core drive. We have consistently delivered quality, hygiene and safe sanitary products that makes our competitors admire us and, at the same time, we recognize that we are part of the wider social fabric.

Successful businesses thrives upon prosperous societies. This realization has been an essential component of our thought process which is why we have stayed engaged with the society beyond business; that is why our mission statement says that we help societies prosper through proper sanitization and hygiene. We feel encouraged with the recognition of being a Customer and Socially Centric brand, but it is neither a marketing stunts nor any compulsions that makes us do what we do. Being Socially Responsible is an integral part of our DNA.

The future ahead seems to be bright. I am rest assured upon the trust we have earned from our stakeholders will push Softy as a globally recognized brand. I am very certain that with plans to launch new products across multiple categories, Softy will not only help reduce the Trade Deficit but also add up to our National Export.

Lastly, I would like to thank our executives, employees, distributors and all of our stakeholders for their continued support, and I hope that all of us will remain confident in our potential to be the Sanitary Brand of the First Choice.